Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gay Christmas cards -- again!

Enough with the Halloween images already -- let's have something cheerful and bright, warm and, uh, gay. Christmas is coming too. In fact, I've spent a delightful couple of hours designing the gay Christmas cards I promised a couple of weeks ago. Here's one! There's several more, and I'll share them closer to the date.

The hardest thing about this image was getting the firelight right. I did this one with several different "distance lights," rather than messing about with spotlights. There's a pink one, an orange one and a white one, to achieve this blend. Which is ... nice. The background is made up of two 2D images -- a hearth and a mistletoe ... I left the background black because I wanted to greeting to show up well, and then matted the whole shebang with a heavy "feather," on top of a red and green "plate."

Jade, 21 October
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