Friday, January 1, 2010

Fantasy images -- Yaoi, warriors, male nudes, the works...!

I blush to admit, I haven't been able to update this list in about a year! It's so far out of date, it's just sad, and what's even worse is that I still don't have the time to update it. There must have been at least 100 fantasy posts since I began this index, and it's only marginally any use to you if I said, you cam always click on the FANTASY tag, and pull up this list:

Page One:

Page Two:

Page Three:

Page Four:

Page Five:

Page Six:

...and so on. That takes you back about five months And you want me to index a whole year?! It might not happen till I have a lot of time to kill one rainy day, so ... please forgive, then watch a couple of these slideshows, and brows the links above. Thanks!

These posts go back a loooong way. They're much simpler than the work I'm doing currently (as you can see from the slideshows), but having said that, they're still pretty.

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