Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Michael 4 ... party animal!

Michael 4 ... getting sexy in 3D! I've wanted to come back to this concept for a long time -- inspired by a painting by Boris (of a girl, naturally ... Boris doesn't paint the gorgeous young guys), I did a quick lashup the afternoon after I bought the 3D model for the jacket. Saw the jacket and just couldn't resist. However, it was a very quick lashup, and I've wanted to come back to it, do it properly, ever since.

And this is it! The difference is in the lights. This time around he's properly lit ... that's the work I didn't have the time or opprtunity to do the first time around. To get this effect, I put six lights on the model, stacked one on top of the other, off his right ride, starting with an orannge light by his right foot and working up to a mauve one and a blue one, off the right side of his head. After that, if was just a question of spending a few miutes jiggling the placement and bightness of each point light, and then hitting "render" ...!

One more thing: Looking at this pose, you have got to wonder what he looks like from the reverse angle. Not being able to resist, I turned him around. I had a few more minutes going spare before I had to go back to work, so -- check this out:
Because all the point lights are behind him, the front side of Michael 4 (seen here in his party animal guise) was dark. I added a single distant light and tried a few colors ... blue-green was just about what I wanted ... then, a somewhat provokative expression on the face, and again, it was time to hit "render."

And yes, of course I rendered "the whole deal" as well! The full-on nude shot is a beauty, but no way would I be uploading it to an "open" blog here! That's get an adults-only warning slapped on these pages, and that's far from what we want here. However, if you want the shot (!) all you have to do is click here to download it, and -- don't yell at me because all is revealed. And I do mean, all! Um ... enjoy.

That's all for today. Work threatens to bury me alive. Going to take a break, take tea out in some fresh air, then return to the grind. Join me again tomorrow for more guy candy!

Jade, 14 January
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