Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 3D Environment: battle of the shadows

This post almost doesn't need text ... the 3D environment, in the DAZ Studio 3 interface ... it just about speaks for itself:

The big challenge was to go from no lights whatever (which doesn't look too good), to having the lights-trees-shadows-on-the sky effect (!), to getting the set ready for the characters to walk in -- and click on this, below, to see it at full-size. I uploaded it at 1:1, so you can see the details:

What else can you say? Actually you can say plenty -- and right now I'm going to give DAZ a plug, and give myself a plug at the same time. You can buy DAZ environments for $1.99, and there's loads to choose from. I just treated myself to "Heart of the Jungle" and Cloisters, and Silence. The cloisters in particular are amazing. I'll be doing fantastic Gothic things with these. Fantastic architecture and textures. And if you are going to get into this and start buying 3D models to feed your habit, don't forget to start your shopping from the banner-link on this blog, because it is an affiliate link, and a couple of percent comes to Your Artist here ... all grist for the mill. Groceries on the table and go-juice in the little car.
Jade, 21 February
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