Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Character creation in DAZ 3D: serendipity -- again!

Still no joy on the computer front: I'm still waiting for any response from Avast regarding why their anit-virus software won't install. The word "refund" is on the tip of my tongue ... the words "PayPal dispute" come first. Let's see how we go.

A couple more images from my stash of standby renders (not many left now). This was the design originally mooted to be Mick Vidal from Hellgate, but both Mel and I feel there's still something not quite right. Mick has a more "steely" quality ... this guy looks too "unburdened" to play the part of Major Vidal. But Mel liked the characterisation, and in fact it fits another team member from the NARC 'verse. It's pretty much spot-on for Curt Gable, the standby pilot who just got promoted to ops room wrangler, when Mischa Petrov (see yesterday's post) got his captaincy and was partnered with Gene Cantrell.

So there you have him -- Curt Gable, who's been hiding on the hard drive for a couple of weeks now. (No idea what's going on here? Check out the source materials, find out what you're missing!)

And now I'm just about out of standby renders, so I'm really, really hoping for a resolution to my computer problems in the next day or two. Everything you can think of has been tried. A lot of things you can't think of have been tried! The last thing is "brain surgery" ... format the whole thing and start again.


Jade, 30 March
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