Thursday, April 22, 2010

The male nude; a bit of organza ... and sunset lights

The male nude, as pure art ... in 3D. The possibilities are endless. You know, that loin cloth (or butt flap, as George calls 'em), started life as leather. I, uh, turned it into organza. Wicked of me, I know, but ...! Click to enlarge the pic, see what I mean about organza.

And there's folks who're wishing he'd stop looking for invaders out to see, and turn around. Not on this blog, guys! He turns around, and we get slapped with an R-rating! And yes, it has crossed my mind that there could be another blog...

But this post is about textures. I spent an hour playing with seamless textures -- just ordinary odds and sods, the kind of thing you'd paste up as the background on your webpage, so the effects were not blindingly brilliant .... but fabulous results today wasn't the point. The point was to see what it's like pasting seamless textures onto OBJs. How hard is it, does it really work?

Very large grin.

It's easy and it gives fantastic results. So -- next on my shopping list: seamless textures! Was over at Renderosity just last night, and got some amazing new textures ... you'll be seeing them soon. Like, tomorrow!

So, join me then for a blink-worthy new spin on some old ideas...

Jade, 23 April
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