Thursday, May 20, 2010

A 3D fantasy under a rich Bryce sky

Well ... I got a far as getting the 3D Set designed, completed, retextured, lit ... and then ran right out of time! Artist on the run, you understand. Work hit me, and I'll be scrambling to get done and get any sleep this side of midnight, so -- bear with me and come back tomorrow, because...

A young Greek God, and possibly two of them, are supposed to be lounging around this temple in the forest, under this angel's wing Bryce skyscape. Tomorrow marks Post #250 -- would you believe it! And I want to do something a little bit special for the Two-Fifty. Today's renders are actually the prep work for that ... like frames from a movie, you notice. Cinemascope. I don't do a lot with panoramic images; I should probably do more. What prompted these dimensions today was the sheer difficulty of framing the set any other way. It's ... long and low.

In fact, it's still DM's Lair, retextured (yet again) with a kind of golden sandstone; there are about 20 assorted trees and shrubs, and a brand new Bryce sky for the occasion. I did a raft of them this morning, for use as and where we need them. So --

Join me tomorrow when Apollo meets Mars on this hillside in the Greek Islands...

Jade, 20 May
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