Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bryce terrains and DAZ 3D props in cahoots

Bryce landscapes and seascapes ... just a grab bag of things I'm working on today, because it's been ... well, I won't say The Day from Hell, but it's been a day when everything took four times as long as expected, so there was no time to breathe, yet very little seemed to get done. Including artwork!

So these are "just" the early stages of projects in progress. I really like the landscape ... I like the slightly surreal kind of Pre-Raphaelite feeling of them ... also the way the evening sun pools on the ground.

This started life in Bryce and ended in DAZ 3D. I did the sky in Bryce ... I also created the landscape, but the trees and shrubs refused to play nice for me, and I was waaaay out of time. So I exported the terrain object. It started out in Bryce as a mountain and wound up in DAZ as a hillside ... because I was tired enough that I clean forgot to set the output scale. I was about to say, "Dagnabbit," and go back into Bryce ... and then I glimpsed the terrain as a hillside, and worked with it from there.

The coastline is very basic, but made of three terrain objects, plus sky, plus water plane. I wish I knew a way to make for mountainous seas and crashing surf in Bryce, but I don't think Bryce 5.5 does this. Have searched everywhere for a way to set wave height and width and so on. Will keep looking for the secret, if it's there...

And the quayside was built for another project entirely, from odds and ends from three different prop sets. I don't actually have a quayside model ... but this will suffice!

Well, today turned into such a circus, my new video card and ram chip didn't happen. I knew by noon, it was going to be impossible, so as someone wise once said, "Hey ho, go with the flow." Tomorrow. I swear it -- tomorrow! Took ten re-starts of DAZ to get the landscape renders!!

Interestingly, on consecutive nights I watched Avatar (2009) and Snow White (1937) and it was so interesting to look at the "animation solutions" of the two different eras ... 72 years, an average human lifespan, separates them. The Disney blockbuster of '37 is showing its age -- duh! -- but it's going to be interesting to see what Avatar looks like in 72 years' time! That'll be 2088, and I'll be ... how old? About 130!

The trick is to find a way to be there...

Jade, 2 May
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