Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sets and characters in DAZ Studio 3

Again, 3D art rises to the challenge of pretending to be reality ... and it does it pretty well. These are only quick renders, because I still have no time to even think much less devoting loving care and attention to the art. But they're darned good renders ... and you've seen both the character and the set before, but you might not recognize them!

The character is the same digital actor who pirate a few days ago ... wearing the Beowulf costume which you saw on the young hunk with the yellow sportscar. I changed the pattern on the bodyshirt and set the on Chevalier hair to black. The set? remember the warehouse on the quayside, where the car was parked? This is around the other side of it, in a kind of loading bay.

The story here? Well ... it looks like a tryst, to me! This guy went there to meet someone. Looks like a date! Join me tomorrow, and if I can figure out who he went there to meet, I'll have the other half of the tryst join the production...!

Jade, 30 May
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