Monday, May 24, 2010

Wild hair for Michael 4 ... Spartacos hair. Verdict: fantastic!

Spartacos Hair for DAZ's Michael 4 ... wow. Either this is very new, or I've just stumbled over it, but this is exactly what I've been hoping for, for a long while now: real, wild "barbarian"? hair that you can pull, twist, blast in any direction, with a gale that's blowing.

This was from Renderosity; it's not available at DAZ (yet?) which means you'll be doing a "manual installation" of the files ... there's no installer. Actually, for XP users this is a blessing, because it turns out that the DAZ installers don't work properly on XP. The installed files end up in weird places or not available to the program at all, because they landed in regions DAZ doesn't look in.

So you'll need to install this manually. Basically, unzip the ZIP archives to folders on your desktop, and then systematically copy the model's proprietorial folders where they need to go. You need to know your DAZ folder hierarchy, and as soon as you know this it all makes sense.

See this:
Thursday, May 13, 2010: Help! What to do when your DAZ 3D models won't install properly ... I went into a lot of detail about the how and where. Read this, and you should be off at a gallop.

The Spartacos Hair is from a designer called StudioArtVartanian; and if you just slide the folders into the right places in the hierarchy, the model loads perfectly and ... then the fun begins. It comes with 10 different color options, and the controls for making it long, shot, blast and twist and bend in any direction, and all.

If I have one tiny quibble (and it's just a tiny one) it's that the parting in the hair is very wide, and if you put dark or black hair on a model with lighter skin, the part stands out so much you need to do some post-work, airbrush it into color. On the other hand, change the color to a lighter shade, or place the camera down low, and you don't even see this. And it's such a minor quibble, I'm not even going to dock a half a point.

The Spartacos Hair also fits V4 ... join me tomorrow, and we'll render Victoria as a gypsy, wild as the M4 in this post.

(In case you're wondering, I used the Patroclus character from a few days ago -- he was saved as a .dsb file and just loaded up ... someone remind me to do a special post about how to save characters and how to reload them, because it's handy like you wouldn't believe.)

Five stars to StudioArtVartanian, and their Spartacos Hair. I've been wanting something like this for ages.

Jade, 25 May
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