Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DAZ Michael 4 ... photo-realistic eyes. Verdict: wow!

DAZ's Michael 4 ... The Eyes Have It. This is a product review, in fact! There's a fantastic new set of eye textures just out -- "The Eyes Have It," and of course I just had to treat myself, as soon as I saw it. So today I was out to test-drive the new product, and I can give it five stars right off the bat. Fantastic! Just check out these renders -- all of which are "warts and all," without any post-work whatsoever. They were also uploaded BIG, so you can really see the details -- click to pull up the larger versions:

For these, I imported a Michael 4, slapped on the high-rez skinmap and took the Spartacos Hair for a thorough test-drive at the same time. (Same story there, folks: fantastic product, highly recommended.) Then, I created a new M4 face. I call this one Bert, and he's joined the rep theater group ... in other words, I saved him as a character preset, so I can now cast in any part at whim. Then ... the test drive meant applying the new eyes.

The Eyes Have It set fits Michael 4 and Victoria 4.2, and they work like magic. The installer runs right, first time (I've had a few misfires lately on DAZ installers); you find the set of eyes in the Poses menu. Just click on what you want: 12 pairs of eyeballs in fantastic colors and details, plus four sets of reflections, and a handy button to click OFF the reflections.

How much detail is in these eyeballs? Well, I did upload the above portraits of Bert in large size as well as "warts and all." Guaranteed NO post-work. Go ahead and view them at full size, and be amazed!

To get these eyes, just click on the DAZ banners in the left column, and when you get there search on "The Eyes Have It." Right now they're on sale as a new product just launching, but even at full price they're inexpensive. And what a difference they make!

Join me tomorrow, and we'll see what kind of trouble we can get Bert into...

Jade, 2 June
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