Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Male nude art in 3D ... bookmarks! Whatever next?!

Male nude 3D art -- for bookmarks! Yes ... at last ... I have something useful for you today! These pieces were uploaded at 1:1 size, about 10" tall at "native size," and I've even arranged them so they paste in nicely on A4 or Letter size paper.

Call this printer craft -- enjoy!

I realize instructions are going to cary an orbital duh factor, so I'll make it brief:

Print out on a decent grade of photo paper...

Let the page dry a bit, if you use an ink printer...
Print out some kind of pattern on the back, if you like...
Trim either to the edge or with little white borders...
LAMINATE with the kind of plastic kids use on school books.

I do advocate laminating, because both laser toner and photo inks can shed on a book in which these are used as bookmarks ... and I don't want to get the blame for damaging someone's book. So -- LAMINATE the dad-blasted things, right? Right.

There's not much else can go wrong. Mind your fingers with the craft knife you use for the trimming ... they tend to run amok and can lacerate your thumb. Voice or experience talking here.

And promise me you won't run with scissors.

Still sick with 'flu, and way too far under par to write coherently, but I did get this idea, and with any luck it's something people can actually use. Enjoy them, give them as gifts. Please don't sell 'em. Please do send your pals the link to this post ... and tell 'em to make their own. Let me know if you like them, and I'll do this again!

Looking for the "full monty" studies of this hunk? Click here to go there, and beware: nudity alert!

Jade, 29 June
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