Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Male nude art: give me a reason why not!

DAZ Studio 3 -- the handsome hunk, the garden set, what more could you wish for? It's Michael 4 in the Stylin' jeans, the Beowulf T-shirt, the Rock Star hair from Neftis ... jeans and shirt textures my me; face and bod also designed by me, and I've forgotten what the skinmap is!! It could be Chase or Mario. I did these a few days ago ... stashed them, because I knew I'd have a day or two when I didn't have time to do new art --

The day has arrived. We're launching a book this week, and you would not believe how much work goes into it. I've also just been hit broadside by a ton of extra work, and my health has decided to be a right, royal pain. So --

Thank you so much for viewing, everyone, and thanks also for bearing with me. I'll get through this and will be back with coherent text to accompany some new pictures. I have new 3D models to review and all sorts of things -- including early news of a 3D graphic novel project...

Jade, 9 June
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