Saturday, July 3, 2010

3D art in Vue, DAZ and Gimp ... simultaneously

DAZ's Michael 4 turns into a stone statue ... here's the magic of working with textures. You just replace every texture on the figure with rock and stand him on a pedestal ... the effect is great.

That's another Vue sky -- in fact, it's the same one I created for this:

Today I got into the materials editor and created a rock and slapped a striated marble map onto it. Not bad, but two things are problematical: Vue uses MAT files, not JPEGs, and I have to get hold of a set of Vue materials ... and the Vue store still won't let me shop there. Renderosity, here we come ... but I haven't -- yet -- seen packs of Vue materials there, so I'll probably have to cast my net a bit wider. Still... not bad, all things considered. The birds were added with one of the Photoshop (read: GIMP) brushes from Ron's Birds.

As an experiment I repset the scene and raytraced it, in DAZ:

Lovely, lovely mid-tones in there. Took about an hour to render this, as against about 10 minutes to render the deep shadow mapped version, above. But you only think this is a long time! Complex Vue renders take hooooouuuuuurrrrrrssss.

This one took over two hours, and at the end of that time I discovered I'd missed the mark with the boulders: they're not actually embedded in the turf, they're floating. No way to tell till you see the finished render! I didn't have time to re-render it, so I, uh, parked a whole bunch of DAZ 3D props in front of it! Like this...
That's a tree, some shrubs, and believe it or not, the same bit of ground I made in Bryce the other day -- you saw it at huge size in the badlands renders, where the hunk encounters the rattlesnake. Today I shrank it way down and slapped a new rock texture on it' it's a slab of granite now. And it covers a multitude of sins in the above renders ... including the company logo, which I can't get rid of, because the store won't let me register the software even though it's perfectly legal, activated, synchronized and all! I did drop an email to Support about that. Let's see if we can work this out...

Jade, 3 July

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