Friday, July 2, 2010

Watch the skies ... Vue skies, that is. Wow.

Atmospherics by Vue ... foreground models by DAZ. Michael 4 is wearing one of my character faces, and the Hermes hair, and the M4 Real jeans ... and those eyes -- see the closeup detail shot. Those are the hazel orbs from The Eyes Have It.

The whole series of renders, today, celebrates the sky -- and I'm awarding myself a pat on the back, because I really did get this figured out. No presets here: that sky was designed from scratch, and (hee hee!) I actually do know how to do this!

Here's the raw Vue render:

...and it's complete with the company logo; and it turns out, renders made with the free core version of Vue 7 will always come complete with the company logo --

Did any of you guys hear a ghastly "eureka, I got it but I don't want it" sound earlier today? You might recall from yesterday's post, I was having a grumble about the Vue store not letting me check out, because no matter how many times you go through the motions and register the program, it never registers itself, even though they awarded you the legal key.

Uh huh. Here's the rub. They give away the just-obsolete core program, and you can "synchronise" it with their website and get an activation code. But it won't register, and without having a registered version of Vue, you can't shop at their store. And their store is the only place to buy the render engine, RenderUp, which will give you high-rez renders and (!) remove the dad-blasted logo from the screen. Game over.

You can't register Vue 7 anymore; so you have to bite the bullet and but 8.5 Esprit ... and that's two hundred bucks. *sigh* Maybe for Christmas. I mean -- just have a look at this!!!

Between now and then, one's sole recourse is sneakiness:

Here's what you do. You render a BIG SQUARE with plenty of garbage space at the bottom. What's garbage space? It's the dead, boring part of a picture that the image editor of a magazine CUTS OFF, to save page space. With the bottom cropped off, you have your nice wide shot, which is what you wanted in the first place; and you can use a program like Irfanview, which has the best filters for resizing images, to make it whatever dimensions you want.

So I'll be tracking down some Vue models (.vob, and .veg, and .vue) at Renderosity as a tide-over until I can see my way clear to spending the moolah and getting Vue 8.5. I'm a tiny bit cross ... but really, only because I've been spoiled rotten with DAZ. E-on Software just has a different way of doing things, and when you realize that the software was used in Very Major Movies, I guess I can see the big picture from their perspective. A bit. But I'll still have to be sneaky while I wait for the big stout guy in the red suit -- the one with the caribou, or do I mean raindeer?

Jade, 2 July
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