Thursday, July 15, 2010

Water effects in DAZ: Michael 4 goes for a dip!

Maybe it's because it's the middle of winter here and it's chilly and gray, but I'm starting to have fantasies about warm blue-green water and hot afternoons in the shade of trees shifting in the breeze. Hence the 3D water effects ... which is a knack it's worth learning in DAZ Studio 3, because the things you can do are amazing.

It starts with the pool, and I'm sooooo pleased with myself right now, I'm going to sprain my shoulder patting myself on the back if I'm not careful. The pool was made by me. It started life as a piece of flattish terrain made in Bryce and exported as an OBJ. Then I imported it into DAZ and grabbed it with the D-former tools and made this rocky pool, and put the water plane into it using the same technique I explained in detail a few days ago (see this post).
So, you start with the OBJ made as a ripply flattish terrain in Bryce, then deform it with the tools in DAZ, and slap a rock texture onto it and apply a good diffusion map, and add the water plane. So far, it's all DIY 3D stuff, and it's so gratifying. Then, use one of your own digital photos as a backdrop, and now you're ready to load up some models...

Trees by Merlin, plus some Deluxe Trees, and some PNature shrubs (all from Renderosity). Michael 4 in speedoes, with the Rock Star hair and the Victor skinmap without the tattoos. Set two lights, make 'em blue-green so it looks as if they're angled through trees. Render!

I could float away...

Winter blues? Naaaah, what makes you think that?

Jade, 14 July
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