Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fantasy art and the question of noodity

This series of renders is part of a project where some of the images appear on the adults only blog, and some appear here on the main blog because the images become more adult as the costume becomes more transparent, and parts of it vanish altogether!

I've been playing around lately with transparency (or opacity maps), and you can do virtually anything with an object ... which made me stop and consider the question ... what's sexier? An actual naked bod, or a body that's almost but not quite clothed?!

No, seriously, stop and think about this! The rest of these renders -- which were uploaded to the other blog -- were done in pairs, and you'll see what I mean. The costume becomes less and less substantial, and parts of it vamoose utterly. If I thought anyone was motivated, I'd ask for comments, or even run a poll, but I know folks are just not motivated to comment or vote, so I'll leave it to viewers to work out which is sexier! But you'll have to click over to the other blog to see the rest of the images, because it's a major Nudity Alert! So -- here's the link.

Jade, August 4
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