Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pegasus in DAZ and Bryce

(uploaded at full size, 1075 wide ... click to see)

Just one image today ... but it's a good one. I was going to do a whole series, but I ran out of time -- again! This one is...

the Millennium horse,
one the the CWRW textures,
the MAT Mor Manes add-on,
the Seraph wings,
a displacement map on the horse's coat
a displacement map on the wings
a Bryce sky/seascape,
three colored lights making model match background,
one of Ron's Birds brushes to paint in the waterfowl,
a couple of Ron's Bokeh brushes to paint the light effects.

Post work was limited to the Bokeh effects, and also a tiny bit of work to make the juncture of wing and shoulder soft.

Cross fingers, I'll have some time to spend on artwork tomorrow!

Jade, 24 August
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