Monday, August 2, 2010

Victoria 4.2 ... pure fantasy

Just lovely images today ... 4D fantasy with DAZ's Victoria ... no especially reason, except that I'm in the mood for luscious fantasy. This is the same set you saw a couple of days ago, and if you've been watching this blog for a few months you might recognize Agatha. Sorry, guys, you can't actually buy this face and body morph -- it's one of mine. Remember the Stormlight renders? Yep, that's the character.

So here's Victoria 4.2 wearing the Agatha face and body morph (!), and that's the AK Lilian bikini, and the Hermes hair (which does fit Michael 4 too, but looks rally "punkish" on him, unless you really, really put some work into it). The props in this scene are part of the kit that ships with the set, which is DM's Fantasy Visions. Particularly noteworthy are the two terrific trees which are part of this. They're tremendous, some of the best trees I've seen.

Otherwise, this little series of renders is all about lighting, color saturation and shadows. I love the combination of rich blues and golds.

Jade, 2 August
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