Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creating dawn light in DAZ Studio 3 ... again!

The trick of creating dawn light in 3D is the same as if you're painting...
The tones have to be delicate and the shadows need to be long. Working in 3D, you have infinite control over your atmospherics. This sky was done in Bryce...
The foreground is all DAZ Studio 3, and the birds were added later, in GIMP, using Ron's Birds, which has turned out to be one of my favorite Photoshop brushes.
See what I mean about gentle colors and long shadows? I got the lovely grass and the little spruce tree just the other day -- nice props, inexpensive, from SmithMicro, which is the parent company of Poser. They were having a sale...
Here's the view down from the roof of the old house with the steps up to the balcony. Neat camera position -- it changes everything.

Not much to talk about today, folks. Not feeling good. Need blankie and pillow and ... all that stuff. Will try to be a bit more verbose tomorrow -- and I'll give you a teaser, to bring you back, hopefully. Outside the village you see today, there's woodland. And a lovely young thing has gone out a-trysting:
So, see you tomorrow, guys!

Jade, 9 September
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