Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The "Posting on the Other Blog" post

Here's another post you post when you're not posting a post. The real post is over on the other blog ... the adults only version of the Yaoi Tarzan shoot. I'm really just posting here to tell folks that I'm posting there, but I thought I'd upload some rather atmospheric and evocative scenes before just giving you the link to go over and see these:

So, !!!Nudity Alert!!! and all ... duty done, caveat given and all that -- here's the link. Click, and enjoy...

The scenes above are the Mirador set, with Michael 4 wearing Mario's Hair and the Lockwood costume with textures changed out for my own. In the background are some of Merlin's trees and the ground and grass and sky from the New Age Room set -- you haven't seen the New Are Room yet. My plan is to set it up as an apartment or office ... on Mars, with t view of Olympus Mons. The images were overpainted with fractal brushes, in GIMP.

Jade 28 September
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