Saturday, September 4, 2010

The post you post when you're not posting a post

Half a post here ... the other half is over on the other blog! In fact, this is just a quick message to let you know I'm actually posting to the other blog today because the renders are way too exotic-erotic to appear here.

Returning to the gorgeous theme from yesterday, I started playing with textures, transparencies, opacity maps. The costumes are literally starting to disappear. The effect is very, very beautiful, but our culture says you have to be 18 to legally see the unclothed hoomin bod, even though marrying age is 16. Go figure.

So the renders are being uploaded to the AO blog, and right here I just want to say -- have a look at these eye textures! Isn't this gorgeous:

So, to see the real post (this being only the message that this isn't the real post), you need to be fully appraised of the Noodity Alert, and then ... click here!

Jade, 4 September
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