Sunday, November 21, 2010

My 2010 Christmas Card to Bookshelf folk ... and dancing with the iPad

Am so pleased with this, I decided to post it "on the fly" ... I know it's a bit early for Christmas cards, but you always get your designs done weeks early. This one is my card to GLBT Bookshelf members, and it's cut into two forms to suit both places it'll be used. Here's the other:Christmas this year, I just couldn't resist using the characters from the new graphic novel ... I guess I'm a bit newfangled with them because they're mine, all mine, as is the story which is unfolding in the pages. Like this:The new blog is looking so pretty. I was asked why I set it up using a Blogger template, not one of the comic publishing templates. The reason is because the comic art templates don't give me enough control over the size and shape of the panels and pages being uploaded. Blogger lets you do virtually anything you want -- if (and it's a big if) you don't just try to upload the pages direct to Blogger itself, which means they go into your Picasa album, and the system auto-resizes them, which is a nuisance, because it makes the text unreadable.

The pages I'm using for the graphic novel are very carefully and deliberately designed to fit the new tablet screens ... such as the iPad. You can see where I'm going with this. Graphic novels packaged and marketed for the iPad and its clones, some of which are due out in 2011 and will be less than half the price, could be the way of fiction in the future.

So I did some research. Not being able to afford an iPad, I read reviews of it, and visited Apple's page. They sent me to the Marvel Comics application page, where they did a little demo of what the Iron Man comic looks like on the iPad. (Not bad, actually.) That page sent me to Marvel Comics's own site, where they were showing off their best digital stuff, and I was invited to read the new digital Iron Man comic, issue 1 online for free .. so I did. I was also smart enough to measure their pages as displayed, because (duh) these are the pages which have been hand-crafted by professionals to fit the iPad like a glove. So all I had to do was measure their display images an image being a page), and I was home and dried.

Hence, the size and shape of the Abraxas pages, which can be zipped into an epub and displayed on the iPad or similar, at whim. Smarter than the average, right?!

That's where I am right now ... and alas I have to rush off back to work now. I do have some guy candy you're going to like, but I won't have time to upload it today. Join me tomorrow for something which will give you a smile.

Jade, 21 November
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