Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New episode online...

Just a a service message for folks who are following Abraxas (and I'm astonished by how many, already ... thank you, thank you, people). The next episode is online ... coming up to the end of Chapter Three, starting Chapter Four tomorrow. Click here to go to the beginning of today's episode, and thanks so much for viewing!

For those of you who have asked, "What does Leon look like with his hair down, and how are you going to do that in the CG art?" I was wondering about that myself, and then I hit on this:

That has absolutely no post work at all ... and for Leon, I don't mind doing some port work. The only "problem" is that my old mouse pen doesn't function properly -- something to do with drivers. I need to get a new pen before I can do this kind of work well, and have you seen the price of them?! It's not going to happen for a while, so the post-work I can do on things like hair (or horses' manes and tails) will be a bit limited. Suffice to say, will do my best while waiting and saving for a mouse pen.

But yes, I've worked out the way to have Leon untie his hair and shake it out. Have done some renders along these lines, to test it out ... by candlelight. [sound of sighing] All this belongs in Chapter Nine. Umm ... stay tuned, right? More -- hopefully later today, but I gotta see the doctor in an hour, so it depends how rough I feel when I get home.

Jade, 24 November

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