Thursday, November 18, 2010

A new face for Michael 4 ... and an elven skinmap!

Today I'm taking a new skinmap for a test drive, and since the only way to test a skinmap is with a series of male nudes, obviously they're going to be posted on the other blog! Here's a teaser:

This series was a bit more of a challenge than I'd expected, because the face morph for the character -- Ferendir, ostensibly an elf -- wouldn't load onto Michael 4 for love or money. Nothing I could do would make it load. So after four or five tries I said words along the lines of, "stuff it, I'll make a new face."

This is a terrific face. He reminds me of someone, I just can't think who it is! Anyone? Anyway, Ferendir is a great skinmap, though not my usual style. Being an elf, there isn't a hair anywhere on his tender young body. Anywhere. I usually gravitate to the more masculine skinmaps, but this is a very attractive map in many other ways.

So, with all due NUDITY ALERTS -- here is the link to today's main post. Enjoy!

Jade, 18 November
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