Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elven warrior ... his ride showed up

As promised! I've wanted to play around with the Millennium Dragon 2 for ages, but ... time? What's that? Something that the Doctor manipulates the way you pull out dough to make pasta. Ooooh, but I wish that were true! Time is something I seem to be having less and less of -- does anyone else notice, in the last couple of years, that you seem to be working longer and harder to make less money?

Anyway ... Elven warrior, perched in a Very High Place, waiting for his ride out of here. Turns out, it's a dragon. Now, the next challenge is to see if I can get Michael 4 to ride the Dragon. Is it anything like getting Michael 4 to ride the Millennium Horse? I've done that several times -- not easy to get the two figures to "mesh" properly, but well worth the effort.

As always, Abraxas is updated. I've been "good" with this, and have managed to update it every day since launching. Today's segment finished out the last of the material that has had any kind of airing, anywhere online, so from the next page, it's all new. Here's the link to the beginning of the new segment...

How's the serial going? Well, it's a bit hard to say. It had fantastic traffic for several days, then dwindled to modest numbers, then shot back up to "very pleasing," then slumped back to astonishingly low. Dave keeps saying, "it's early days," and he's right. I would love to see it settle down into good, solid "body" traffic, with a fair number of people following it. I mean, ye gods, it's FREE. How can you give away something that's top quality, and still battle to get visitors?! Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Maybe as the story progresses readers will be inspired to tell their friends, or tweet it, or whatever. The new chapter starts tomorrow, so I have high hopes!

Jade, 5 December
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