Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elven warrior ... thumbing for a ride

Apologies to all for the scarcity of rich, exotic artwork on the blog here lately ... I've been so buried in work, there were times I thought I'd never see daylight again! Yeah, sure, I've been updating the Abraxas digital novel -- but what you don't know is, I had 56pp stashed before I uploaded anything at all. I just put up pages 53 and 54, and I still have about 16pp stashed before I, uh, run out and have to scramble. So --

Here's something very nice. Elven warrior, dressed the way Boris or Frazetta would dress one of their shero characters. He's in a high place ... vertiginous under burning skies ... and he's looking for something.

He's waiting for a ride ... and I know what he's looking at. Grin.

Join me tomorrow, and I'll show you!

Jade, 4 December
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