Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Barbarian glamour and Bryce landscapes...

More of the actor between takes, glamming it up for the cameras ... and a Bryce landscape ... on the run and just breaking to have a cup of tea! Not much time for anything today, including coherent thought, so --

The last of the above Barbarian swordsman shots, the one where he's lying, is uploaded at full size -- it's gorgeous, it's raytraced, and it's 1050 pixels wide. Just wanted to share this at 1:1 size. And the Bryce landscape is also uploaded at 1:1 size: well worth a click to see it big. That's the best landscape I've been able to wrangle so far. It was done about 85% in Bryce and then finished in GIMP. Turned out, the texture that looked fantastic on the ground even twenty virtual meters away didn't look good in closeup, near the virtual camera, so the near ground, and all the grassy bits, are hand painted:

The brushes are by Designfera, and the work was dodged and burned, with some work also done in the old Micrografx software, because GIMP's dodge/burn tools are nowhere near as good as the old ones. I wonder if Photoshop Elements has better dodge/burn tools?? Does anyone out there use it, and could compare notes with me? I need to be able to dodge or burn the highlights OR the midtones OR the shadows of a certain area, not just zap the whole lot indiscriminately. Does PSE do that?? The old Micrografx Picture Publisher did, and still does, for anyone who has an XP system -- the installer won't run on Vista Service Pack 2 -- though it did run on service pack 1. Is that weird, or what?

And now I must run back to work, with miles to go before I can call it done for today.

Jade, 17 February
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