Monday, February 14, 2011

The barbarian swordsman, the boots, and the glamour: Cut! Print!

As promised -- the Barbarian swordsman glamour shoot with those boots ... because what you didn't know, couldn't see, in yesterday's renders was, it's a film set, he's the star, and when the director shouts "Cut! Print" -- well, out come the sunglasses, the baseball cap, the windbreaker; up rolls the sportscar with the coffee and croissants. Then it's "Hurry up and wait" till they're ready for the next shot.

Seriously, I couldn't resist this. There's something purrrfect about it. (Incidentally, do you know they're almost finished a new Conan movie, and they have Jason Momoa playing Conan? Wooooh! Of course, you remember Jason Momoa from Stargate Atlantis ... about six-foot-six with a mane of dreadlocks and so forth. Conan. Right. This is on my "must see at the movies" list.)

And these are the boots that tickled my fancy. They're a very, very difficult prop to work with. They are pure hell to light, for some reason. This is one of the default surfaces, and I think I'll have more joy with them if I actually use my own textures, over which I have a heck of a lot more control. That'll be the next experiment. But these renders are pretty darned nice, and you'll be seeing the boots again, no doubt of that.

So this is essentially the same Michael 4 as you saw yesterday, but with the addition of the silk windbreaker and shades from the M4 real Jeans set, and the baseball cap from the M4 Headwear set, and with the car parked off to the side. I swapped the background out for a morning sky and extinguished the torches, then set the lights and spent waaay too long trying to figure out why those boots were rendering dead black no matter what I did with them. That's the Spartacos hair, and the HZ Victor skinmap; and two of the shots were raytraced. I didn't have enough time to raytrace the third...

Result? Nice!

Jade, 14 February (Happy Valentine's Day, folks!)
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