Friday, March 4, 2011

The barbarian, the boots, and ... male nude fantasy art. Well, why not?!

The barbarian swordsman is back -- um, without the costume. Or at least, without the bit that gets this blog rated M rather than R, so this is one of those "posting to the other blog today" posts. You remember this series of renders:

The first set ... it's a scene from a gladiatorial circus. So far, so good, but --

The second set, in which you realize, it's a scene from a movie! The director yells, "Cut, print!" And on go the shades and the windbreaker, up rolls the sports car. It's really cute -- in fact, it worked so well that...

The third set of renders, of the actor between takes. Whooo!

Well, here's the fourth set, back on the movie set, and they appear to be shooting the adults only version of this, so --

Warn Auntie Maud to skedaddle and take her heart pills, then click here, and -- enjoy!

Jade, March 4
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