Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Posting to the other blog today -- here's your link...

Today I'm posting to the other blog -- for the first time in eons, I know! Today's renders are a couple of lush, rich male nudes -- entirely artistic, and entiely too graphic to be posted on the main blog!

So here's a general version of one of the renders to whet your appetite, and if you click right here, you can skip over to the exotic blog and see the others. Here's the usual caveat: nudity alert, and so on and so forth. Know what you're clicking to before you click, and make sure Auntie Violet isn't standing behind you with the cup of coffee she just brought you ... because she could pour it down the back of your neck in shock. Or maybe she was just so transfixed with the artistry that she forgot what she was doing?!


Jade, June 7
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