Saturday, July 2, 2011

Posting to the exotic blog togay -- here's your link...

The post you post when you're not posting a post. In other words, today's pieces are male nudes than leave nada to the imagination, so they're being uploaded to the exotic version of the blog! So dispatch Aunt Maud on a quest for coffee, and know what you're clicking before you click this to go over there and check out the goodies!

The theme is, "Before the hunk became a cyborg." Yesterday's renders got me to thinking ... this hunk wasn't born "modified" so what was he like before the event which caused him to become cyborged? Click over to t'other blog and see the result -- nice!

Also the pieces are uploaded at full 8x10 size, so there's something nice for the album, if you want to print them.

The project is Michael 4 wearing the HZ Victor skinmap, the Hermes hair set to bright red. In the background are a bunch of props from the Science Fiction Construction Set, and a digitally painted backdrop. The renders were then shipped into Photoshop for some overpainting, using a variety of .abr brushes, but the added effects didn't "work up" the figure or props at all. They were merely added for additional "depth" or interest in the shots.

Am buried in work at the moment, so it might be a couple of days before I can post again. Bear with me, because I do have some lovely new toys, and some new ideas. Like the man said in the movie, I'll be back...

Jade, 2 July
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