Friday, February 15, 2019

A little CG romance for Valentine's Day

At last, I found the project files for "The Princess and The Barbarian, which was rendered so long ago, I couldn't even raytrace at the time! So ... a beautiful new re-render, widescreen, re-lit, and fully painted for effect. The hair is all hand-painted, and so much nicer this time around; and the lighting is delicious. A little romance: "Meet me at the old temple, at sunset." Happy Valentine's!

And a picture Dave asked for:

Millennium Dragon 2, Castle Creator fortress, Bryce sky...
The dragon, guarding the castle. Not attacking it, but guarding it. Very neat idea ... a pain in the posterior to organize, and in fact the final result is just a little flat, for reasons I can't (yet) quite fathom. If the penny drops, I'll come back to this and re-render it.

Playing with Amberlight again...

...and these got me to thinking about abstracts and combinations of layers:

This last one is particularly intriguing. Quite the brain bender. It's five or six layers deep, laying effect on top of effect. Amberlight is the bottom layer, and then ... experiments with transparency, opacity, reflection, refraction, diffusion, and ... so on, and on. Neat.

Happy Valentine's, folks! 
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