Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grunge meets glam

Grunge meets glam ... or is it glam meets grunge? At any rate, the location for the shoot was a back alleyway -- one can imagine trash bins just out of shot, and a puzzled looking tomcat looking on! And the costume (and there ain't much of it) revolves around a pair of boots. Fortunately they gave the poor soul a windbreaker when the breeze came up and suddenly you couldn't see him for the goosebumps.

I'm happily playing mix and match here, just taking a break between jobs. That's Michael 4, of course, wearing the Jackson skinmap and the GA Matthias face, and the SAV-Eros short hair set to dark brown. The boots are the Slide 3D Boots which go with an SF costume called "The Forgotten Hero," which you haven't seen yet -- because I haven't even had the time to unpack it! The backdrop is just a plane on which is pasted a very nice brick wall texture from a set called -- oddly enough -- Brick Walls.

There isn't a lick of post work on any of these renders. They're just as they come -- and a couple of them demonstrate the uncanny power of negative space. You're halfway expecting something to drop into the shot, or walk into it ... and the character's eye line tells you he's looking at something or someone. Something is going on just out of shot.

Well ... you and I know it's just the lighting person fiddling with the big silver reflectors while they try to work out if there's any coffee left in the thermos an any cookies left in the bag in the back of the car, the peppermint ones with the real chocolate chips.

But it's fun making up stories. And I can just imagine what's going through the minds of a few of you ... and why not?

Any reason for this project? Not really. Just playing with an idea -- boots. As soon as I get the chance, I'll stage a couple of SF shoots to show off the Forgotten Hero costume, and then there's a prop set I just got, shields and arrows and what have you, so I'd like to do a fantasy with a twist.

Jade, October 4
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