Friday, July 30, 2010

3D sets ... fantasy sets this time. Wow!

Yes, I know I said I'd "be back tomorrow" and put Michael 4 and maybe Victoria into the starship command center set ... and that was two days ago, and this doesn't look anything like Michael and Victoria in the Ops room of a super-carrier. But things came up, I got tied up with work -- so at risk of repeating myself, I'll be back tomorrow and put Michael 4 and pals into the starship set.

For today, though ... check this out! Even Renderosity is having one heck of a rolling sale, where you can get very nice savings off 3D goodies that are already quite a bit cheaper than you'd expect the same item to be in tehe DAZ store. So --

I got this one, which is DM's Fantastic Visions set (and you're looking at a tiny corner of it here!), plus I also got the Port of Tortuga set ... which is actually something like a nice, battered, ramshackle village of about 1720. In other words, you can plunk it down in the middle of a Vue landscape and call it a village on the sailor's trod, or the highwayman's moor ... which is what I'll be doing with it!

The Tortuga set hasn't even been unpacked yet, and there's still a stack of props and goodies to play with from the splurge I indulged in over at DAZ a week ago. But I was so impressed with this set -- again, from one of my favorite designers -- I couldn't resist doing a bunch of renders right there, as soon as the download was done. This is actually a Poser set, but if you know what you're doing with the file hierarchy, it works to utter perfection in DAZ.

Verdict: 5 out of 5 stars and -- wow!

So, uh, come back tomorrow and see M4 and pals in the starship set.

Jade, 21 July

Thursday, July 29, 2010

3D Science Fiction sets: taking COMMANDER for a test drive

(Cinemascope renders ... click on them to view them full size: so you can see the details, I uploaded them at 1000+ pixels wide)

This is a set which astonishes me as much as the interior for the Vanguard spacecraft, which you saw a few weeks ago. It was one of the props I bought when DAZ were having a fantastic sale -- 50% off incredible things. In the same splurge I got the Starcarrier hangar interior and other goodies. This one is the Commander set, and it's been waiting for a test drive all this time!

These dozen renders feature the set just as she comes, right out of the box. I didn't change a single texture of nuth'in. I set a half dozen lights and flew the camera into every nook and cranny. That's a Hubble Space Telescope picture outside the windows ... looking a lot like Hellgate, I thought!

To me, this set would have to be the Ops Room aboard the Wastrel or even the NARC-Athena. This is where you'll be seeing these fantastic backgrounds -- in the multimedia versions of the Hellgate series first and then -- who knows? We might even be able to get into the NARC universe too.

(If you're wondering what in the universe I'm dribbling on about now, I'll give you a couple of links. This one here will plug you right into the Hellgate series; and this one here will connect you with NARC. A caveat, first: these are extremely adult books, with glbt content, realistic violence, political intrigue ... drugs and sex and rock'n'roll ... the works. If you know your Mel Keegan, you know what to expect! If you don't know MK, and/but you enjoy a fantastic gay sci-fi romp, you need to find out what you've been missing -- in which case, start right here!)

Jade's verdict: six stars out of five for this fantastic set! It's designed by a 3D designer who goes by the handle of kibaretto. You can see his/her (??) whole range at DAZ (see the banner in the left-side column), and you can also see some of his/her other work test-driven and reviewed on this blog:

The Starcarrier starship hangar:


The Vanguard spacecraft:

Join me tomorrow, and I'll stage some models in the Ops room!

Jade, 29 July

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yaoi fantasy -- delicious romance in the old cenotaph

There's a bobby-dazzler of a fantasy story behind these pictures -- you just know there is. 3D art meets Pre-Raphaelite quasi-realism, hinting at vast adventures and m/m romance ... more than a hint of the Yaoi.

This is the cenotaph set you've been looking at for a few days, with the Requiescat texture added, and a Vue sky. Then along wanders Michael 4 wearing the Marco skinmap, the Spartacos hair, and the M4 cloak, and a face designed by me. The word is exquisite!

There's a rare set of "full monty" renders from this series of renders; I'll give you the Nudity Alert, and then just give you the link -- right here! Enjoy, guys.

We've seen a lot of fantasy lately, so I'm switching back to science fiction tomorrow. I'm going to take the Commander starship interior set for a test drive. Join me then!

Jade, 28 July

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Then, add new textures, and...

Just a set of images today, folks -- seriously out of time! I'd wanted to put a beeeeeautiful model or two into this scene, but it'll have to be tomorrow. This is the same 3D set you saw yesterday in autumnal tones ... the cenotaph. But this time around I've added the Requiescat texture set, which turns the whole construction from marble to brick, and turns the ivy from dead to alive. The live ivy looks much more like summer -- the color of the brickwork is also warmer. So the backgrounds here are high summer.

Join me tomorrow, and we'll put a model or two into this scene for a glam shoot!

Jade, 27 July

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fantasy male nude, with crystal ball. Nice!

These are the shots you actually wanted to see, right? Before Jade starts dribbling on about the glorious 3D SET which is the backdrop for all this! So ... I persuaded Michael 4 to come to the party and get into costume, grab the old crystal ball and look like he's stepped right out of a fantasy story, because the set actually begs for this.

The cloak is a great prop. About the only thing it doesn't do (rats! I hoped it would) is put the hood right now. Maybe in a future update? But even so, it's a beautiful prop. Here, it's still showing its default texture, and the next time you see it, it'll be wearing one of mine. I some of the shots I turned down the opacity ... made it a diaphanous silk ... just cuz. If that were Michelle 4 in the shots, you wouldn't question that a lovely young female was next to naked, wearing a silk cloak you can see right through. So just take out the FE, and the rest of the statement holds together juuuuuust fine.

Incidentally, there's a set of "full monty" renders, where I ought to give the Nudity Alert before I give you the link. Having given it, uh, here's the link!

And now I can dribble on about the set, right? So here it is:

It's the cenotaph set, called Reparation ... and although I did get the Requiescat textures for it, I didn't get a chance to muck about with them today. Save those for another time. I added a few of the Deluxe Trees (from Renderosity) and a Vue sky, and then flew the camera around. Incidentally, I dropped the focal length on the camera from the 80mm I usually use, down to around 35mm, which is in the wide angle range. This means I could get more of the set into the shot. Looks better that way, esp. when you add a model into the frame.

So there you are -- another of the toys I splurged on in the DAZ super sale t'other day! There's more, still! Come back tomorrow, and see...

Jade, 26 July

Sunday, July 25, 2010

3D sets ... yet more new toys from my splurge at DAZ!

Yet more of my new toys from the DAZ sale the other day. You're actually looking at two new 3D sets here, but I'm featuring one in the foreground today, and will come back and take a closeup look at the other one tomorrow...

A Curious Passage is the wall and columns and gate, with the cool dead ivy. The walls are all broken, the gates are all bent and warped and rusted. It's very evocative ... begging for autumnal colors, fall trees, stormy skies...

So I put a Vue sky behind it, and added in a couple of the Deluxe Trees, and five lights to cast shadows. This is a great set. You could continue with the walls in the background and make a completely closed set, and then put trees, shrubs, whatever you want or need, inside.

But I decided I'd load up something called Reparation in the background ... it's a mausoleum, which suits the mood of this perfectly. Tomorrow, I'll focus on the monument ... and also, I got the Requiescat set of textures for it, so we can also dress is up as a different set entirely.

Also, I'll see if we can get Michael and/or Victoria to pose for a glamour shoot in the set. Depends on time, y'understand...

See you tomorrow, with all that!

Jade, 25 July

Saturday, July 24, 2010

3D sets, 3D props ... more new toys!

Another of the toys I splurged on the other day at DAZ ... they're having a monster sale and I just couldn't resist this! The set is the House of Mog Ruith, which is wearing the Celtic Great Hall set of textures. Standing in it are pieces of furniture from DM's Anardhouse, and other props from DM's Lair ... plus Michael 4 wearing the Lockwood costume ... and on the table is the decanter, glasses and tray server set from Baroque Grandeur. I'm pretty sure you can't really see the decanter set properly in the render above, so here's the detail from it:

And here's a few renders of the set itself, without Michael 4 ... it's really beautiful. Full marks on this one -- highly recommended, with one comment needs the texture set to look really good, and the texture set is a bear to load. You can load it okay, but it won't render properly till you figure out what's going on, or going wrong. There's a knack to it that the newbie probably won't be able to fathom. However, there's a fix, and once you've got it, the result is marvellous!

And I'm nowhere near through the box of toys I scooped up while they were on sale, so join me tomorrow to see some more!

Jade, 24 July
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