Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fantasy art and GIMP brush effects

Fantasy art this time ... pure fantasy, I guess ... no reason, except that I was in the mood to play around a little bit with textures and color and lights and photoshop brushes. The character is a new skin map -- Yaana, and it's a fantastic skin map; I also like the Yaana face. I very rarely use pre-set faces, but this one is really nice.

She's wearing the With Hazel top and the Classic v4 slacks, with a texture of my own; and the Noemi hair set to black. In the background is the Cloister set. There's three lights set, all very muted ... and then some painting in GIMP -- not as much as I wanted to do, though. My GIMP 2.6 has become very unstable; it locks up and closes after just a couple of brush stroked, so you can only get one or two zaps with the virtual airbrush before you have to restart it, and then it takes a looooong time to restart. Something in there ain't right. I'm thinking about reinstalling.

Not much text from me today! It's been a long day, trying hard to catch up with work, after being sick for a week ... means I'm pretty wiped at the end of the day and a bit too glassy eyed to write much ... well, not and be coherent at the same time.

Got some grand new toys at DAZ and Renderosity recently -- join me tomorrow, and I'll render them up!

If you're looking for the nude, "mature content" shots from this series -- click here to go there; and before you do, "nudity alert." 'Nuff said, right? So why are you still here?!

Jade, 11 July
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