Thursday, July 22, 2010

New 3D character ... new book cover!

Been busy today -- finishing the cover design for a new book, which also let me design a whole new character from the feet up, according to someone else's specs. 3D character design is fun and so gratifying. You get it just right, a new person is born on the PC screen ... I love this one.

It's a big departure from the guys I usually create. He's midnight-pale and thin and very blond. You just have to read the book -- he really will haunt you! (Be aware that the book is a gay romance ... having said that, half of you will switch off and the other half will salivate! The half of you who're salivating -- come back soon, because I'll be giving you the links to buy the ebook.)

Jade, 22 July

Update on August 1:
As usual, never satisfied with my owhn work, I took another crack at that cover and came up with this:, that's more like it. A second image ghosted over the first, some work with Photoshop brushes, and then the text objects redone in Serif. Nice!
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