Monday, July 12, 2010

3D science fiction ... right here on the desktop

I'm in the business of being gobsmacked lately ... the 3 models are just amazing ... and the fact is, the computer will handle them now, after the upgrades in March. If I'd tried handling this lot back in February -- forget it. No way could the machine have even loaded them up. Now ... here's 3D science fiction that's getting close to on a par with the state of the art ten or so years ago.

These images here have no post work done on them ... none at all. This is just the models as they load up, with lights set by me. Michael 4 has been added in -- he's wearing the flightsuit from the M4 Air Crew set. The Vanguard spacecraft is sitting in the Starcarrier hangar. Michael 4 is in the cockpit, in the ship, in the hangar.

From here on, you can go on adding lights and textures and figures to the limit of your machine's capacity. You can "dirty things down," you can pull focus with the cameras, make things look beat up ...

Woof. My hat is off to the designer who made most of what you see here. See this other post for the review of the hangar set, with links; and see this post for the renders of the hangar itself, which were done the day before.

Marvellous! I enjoy this stuff better than playing games. Five stars out of five for these models ... highly recommended!

Jade, 12 July
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