Sunday, July 18, 2010

Web comic art experiments, Phase 2

click on each page to see it full size ... and read the prolog

Further experiments in web comics. This time around the narrative captions are matted, and I'm playing with fonts and so on. It's, um, really exciting.

The art begins as individual panels, of course, like this...

...and they're rendered out of DAZ, imported into Serif and combined there. The final export is done out of Serif, at 200dpi, and then I use Irfanview to crop and convert each page to 100dpi so the pages are not prohibitively big. And as far as I know, these pages are a perfect fit for the iPad. Cool, huh?!

Is there anybody out there with an iPad who could test these pages for fit, and send some feedback? Thanks in advance!

Jade, 19 July
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