Friday, July 30, 2010

3D sets ... fantasy sets this time. Wow!

Yes, I know I said I'd "be back tomorrow" and put Michael 4 and maybe Victoria into the starship command center set ... and that was two days ago, and this doesn't look anything like Michael and Victoria in the Ops room of a super-carrier. But things came up, I got tied up with work -- so at risk of repeating myself, I'll be back tomorrow and put Michael 4 and pals into the starship set.

For today, though ... check this out! Even Renderosity is having one heck of a rolling sale, where you can get very nice savings off 3D goodies that are already quite a bit cheaper than you'd expect the same item to be in tehe DAZ store. So --

I got this one, which is DM's Fantastic Visions set (and you're looking at a tiny corner of it here!), plus I also got the Port of Tortuga set ... which is actually something like a nice, battered, ramshackle village of about 1720. In other words, you can plunk it down in the middle of a Vue landscape and call it a village on the sailor's trod, or the highwayman's moor ... which is what I'll be doing with it!

The Tortuga set hasn't even been unpacked yet, and there's still a stack of props and goodies to play with from the splurge I indulged in over at DAZ a week ago. But I was so impressed with this set -- again, from one of my favorite designers -- I couldn't resist doing a bunch of renders right there, as soon as the download was done. This is actually a Poser set, but if you know what you're doing with the file hierarchy, it works to utter perfection in DAZ.

Verdict: 5 out of 5 stars and -- wow!

So, uh, come back tomorrow and see M4 and pals in the starship set.

Jade, 21 July
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