Sunday, August 1, 2010

Michael 4 on the high frontier

Michael 4 stalks around the command center of a very major starship -- and as soon as you put a model into this set, you can see how enormous it is. The renders posted the other day hint at the vastness of this interior, but it's not till you have a six-foot hunk in there that you can see, "good lord, it's huge!"

It's also a challenge to light this set, but if you can once figure out how, the effects you can get are amazing. I'm actually tickled pink with this ... add this set to the hangar, and the Vanguard interiors, and the Station 3000 set and so on, and the backgrounds and environment for a very major piece of work are just waiting to be staged. This is what I call seriously cool!

The set is the Commander 3D model; Michael 4 is wearing the Beowulf slacks and the Real Jeans T-shirt, plus the Rock Star hair by Neftis. That's just the default skinmap, nothing fancy, because the focus, here, is on the set. Verdict: wow.

Jade, 1 August
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