Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anyone seen Indiana Jones around here lately?

Do you ever have one of those fantasies where you're lost in the jungle, and it's steaming hot, and you meet this "native guide" who looks at you like you've gone bonkers, because you've been wandering in circles about 100 yards from the biggest landmark in a thousand square miles, and this "native guide" guy is like a dream come true, right out of a Hollywood fantasy ...? And what happens next after the tribal shaman gives you a taste of the magic potion to save your life? You get the gift of longevity, get weird powers, have a blazing affair with the one who rescued you, and, uh, like that.

No, I don't have those fantasies either. (Ahem!) But I did see The Champions, and Indiana Jones, about thirty years ago. (Golly, is it that long?) And The Phantom, now I come to think about it! Billy Zane in skin tight purple spandex. Uh huh.

The set is the Palenque Ruins, which I got in the massive DAZ sale a few weeks ago, when virtually my entire wish list went on sale at the same time:

And you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) how many items off that wish list splurge I still need to unpack and play with!

The character is JM Falcon; lovely skinmap -- I tweaked the face a bit. The hair is Spartacos, The costume ... well, Victoria 4.2 was wearing it, the last time you saw it. It take a whale of a fiddle to get it to fit Michael 4, but it actually does eventually. Plus the trees from the DM Fantasy Visions, and --- there you go! One jungle fantasy, made to measure.

Jade, 15 August
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