Friday, August 13, 2010

The vampire makes a grand entrance

He's late ... but he always arrived fashionably late, especially when the best vampire hunters in the business are after him.

He's magnificently arrogant. Rock stars don't know the half of it. And he's as outrageously dangerous as he's disturbingly intelligent. He's drop-dead gorgeous, and he knows he is. He's immortal, and close to indestructible...

Call him Vlad.

Because he full name is Vladislav Nikoleyevitch Stolychniev ... and that's too hard to get your tongue around in the wee small hours of the morning, when you're hunting vampires in creepy old buildings, and you came out fashionably dressed!


See Horace strut his stuff.
See Hortense do the same.
See Horace lose his speedoes
See Hortense lose whatever it is she's almost wearing.

See Vlad lose the leathers ... ouch!

Horace and Hortense Herschey have been poised in the creepy old cloisters for the last hour, waiting for Vladislav Nikoleyevitch Stolychniev, vampire, who is currently over an hour late, and we're not currently sure which of these siblings Vlad fancies. Dressed the way these two are, they're apt to find out.

And since I'm enjoying this a lot, you'll see more of Vlad. A lot more, in fact, on the other blog where the "full monty" renders appear! Click right here to view those, with all due attention paid to the Nudity Alert above!

Jade, 13 August (Friday 13th, in fact!)
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