Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gypsy girl ... tell your fortune?

The gypsy fortune teller ... and some really gorgeous images today. This is a set from Renderosity ... The Old Patio. It's a fantastic set, with amazing textures. All I had to do was set two lights up top (on the exact same position: one pale yellow-green, one pale rose-orange, and then you could change the color temperature of the lighting at whim, just by turning up or down one of the lights. I turned on the deep shadow map for just one of the lights, not both, and set the shadows to be soft rather than hard, because the backdrop looks like you're an a forest and it's coming on towards late afternoon ... and you were ready to hit "render" right there.

The Old Patio set comes with two benches, urns, hanging plantpots, and a fantastic floor. Highly recommended. So easy to use, and it's just gorgeous.

Now, the model is a Victoria 4 designed by yours truly, wearing the Witch Hazel skirt, and would you believe that's the leather top from the Shadow Dancer set? I applied my own textures and displacement maps. The Sandals (you can't see them in this shoot, but you will in the next one) are the Horizon Redux strappy sandals, with my own textures applied.

The hair, though, is new: Gypsy Hair ... and it's gorgeous! It was on sale at DAZ the other day, for abut $5. You can change the color of the bandanna for literally any color you can think of, and the hair too. Easy to use, and so nice.

I'll be doing a "glamor shoot" of this model and set ... which basically means you pay the model a lot more money to take the clothes off, and then get arty-tarty with the camera and lights. You'll see those shots on the other blog...

UPDATE: done and done. The model was tractable, the weather was clement, the costume kind of fell off, and here's the result -- N*U*D*I*T*Y***A*L*E*R*T and all that -- at this here url.

Join me tomorrow: I'm, test-driving a fantastic SF laboratory set called Station 15, which is going to become one or more of the labs in the NARC and Hellgate renders. Another fantastic set, a lot of fun to work with.

Jade, 19 August
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