Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vampire hunter in the twenty-third century -- again

Vampire hunting in the twenty-third century again ... we saw the babe the other day, so it only stands to reason that the hunk can't be far away, right? Right.

So,what does one wear to hunt vampires a couple of centuries from now? Turns out, not much. So long as you've got a gorgeous bod, why not flaunt it?!

I guess in the twenty-third century we'll all have been genetically engineered so that the love handles and knock knees and bald heads and buck teeth don't happen -- of course, the downside to this is that when everyone on the planet is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, no one will notice the beautiful people anymore, because there aren't any people who're not beautiful!

Anyway -- so here's Michael 4 hunting vampires in a tiny scrap of iridescent silk and a very nice pair of boots. At least he had the common sense to put his knee pads on, which is more than you can say for Hortense the Vampire Slayer the other day, who seems to have gone out to hunt the undead in her lingerie, most of which you can see through. Hmm.

Here's another interesting snipped of trivia about the twenty-third century: names like Hortense and Horace are the height of chic. This here hunk --

This is Horace Herschey, and Hortense is his sister. Horace and Hortense Hershey, brother and sister, second generation in a grand clan of vampire hunters. Their parents were Hector and Harriet Hershey, who clocked up 2,487 vampires before they were, themselves, clocked up by an ace human hunter called Vladislav Nikoleyevitch Stolychniev. Try saying that three times fast after a couple of margaritas.

Join me tomorrow, and I'll see if I can persuade Horace and Hortense to appear in the same shot ... and then I might just see if I can conjure Vlad (for short, thank gods) into being.

And yes, there is a "full monty" version of this shoot -- but I'm not going to have the chance to upload it till tomorrow, so I can't give you a link, because right now there's nothing to link to! Patience, folks...

Jade, 11 August
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