Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bryce 7 Pro, Vue, and a whole lot more

For some time you've been hearing me say I wasn't deliriously happy with Bryce, and I've been switching over to Vue a fraction at a time. Well, that juuuuust might be changing, because Bryce 7 Pro just arrived, and it's on sale at DAZ right now for about $54; and the moment Dave saw the promo reel, well, that was that. It was in the shopping cart!

Just take a squiz at that promo reel, above! Yeeeouch. Now, before you get too dazzled, take another squiz at the Vue 7 promo reel:

(Both of these will play FULL SCREEN ... and it's worth watching 'em)

And before you get too blown away, here's the rub -- and this is what dumps you unceremoniously back into reality:

The Vue 7 promo was not done with any of the affordable levels of Vue, which start out at about $199, if you want halfway decent functionality. It was done with one of the top-end levels of the program, and ... welllll, for that price, I'd want to stick a key in the ignition and drive away in it. We're talking four figures here.

By contrast, Bryce 7 Pro is about hundred bucks at full price, and if you happen along (which we did) at a time when you can get it on sale at 45% off (which we did!) you wind up with a prog that's going to give Vue some serious competition, for, uh, $54.

Now, I'm not saying I like the Bryce interface -- I don't! But the program will do some amazing things, if you can get your head around it. Time to learn! I cut my teeth on Bryce 5.5, which was the freebie, when Bryce 7 came out a while back. Time to switch up to Version 7 Pro, and just learn it.

Only other thing I have for you today: an update on the Vampire Vladislav epic tale: I did the "full monty" renders the other night, and uploaded them...

So, without further ado ... but with the mandatory NUDITY WARNING, here's the link: Click this, and go there...! He's rather a sight for sore eyes... enjoy!

Nothing momentous today, guys -- I've been working flat-out for the last nine hours, without a break. My brains are scrambled. Time to go drool in front of a movie, chill out, unwind and so forth. Will be back tomorrow with something more corehent...

Jade, 18 August
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