Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The vampire displays a rare set of canines

At last, I managed to get an African skinmap ... and it's a beauty. The tones are rich, warm and beautiful, and when you bring the camera in tight, the texture of the map is also highly detailed.

This is the Zareb skinmap, but not the Zareb face. This face is one of my own. Rather a nice face ... makes me imagine a just-qualified young doctor of economics who's about to become the political leader of a stride-torn nation, and who's been surprised while on vacation after defending his PhD, and told he has to catch the next flight back to a home he hasn't seen in a decade, and take the reins.

Ouch. There's a monster novel in that, but I'd never be qualified in a zillion years to write it.

Anyway, the whole point of the renders is to try out a new skinmap, and I'll tell you, Zareb is a lovely, lovely map. Now, if only someone would do a great mane of dreads for M4, I could see about designing a face for Rogan -- "Rogue" -- from The Lords of Harbendane. I would dearly love to do that, but I don't think anyone's done dreads for M4 yet. We live in hopes!

Interested? Click here. One caveat: be aware of GLBT content, because it's a Mel Keegan novel, which means one of the romances will be gay. Might now be for younger readers, due to some very realistic battle scenes etc.

And now for something completely different!

The vampire Vladislav N. Stolitchniev has been annoyed enough to show his fangs! Now, I was going to be conservative about the fangs, and I came up with this:

To which Dave said, "You have GOT to be kidding, what a waste of an opportunity!" So here's the same image, with "Fangs by Dave" ...

And both of those were uploaded at 1:1 size, so you can click on them and see them just as they were rendered. Look at those fangs! Way to go, Dave. That'd sure keep me home nights...

Jade, 17 August
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