Saturday, August 7, 2010

More 3D Magicks

Something of an anniversary for me comes to pass this weekend. It's been a year since I discovered, downloaded, installed and started to learn DAZ Studio 3. A year! One of the reasons I started this blog late in September of '09 was that I wanted to track what I was doing, and have something concrete to be able to look back over, and be able to tell how long it took to learn how to do such-and-such.

Well, a year on I'm still learning, but there's not that much left to learn in this version of DAZ. Very soon, I need to move up -- and it'll probably be to Carrara, which is a 3D model shop, photographic studio, movie studio and all, rolled into one. That's going to be a big move, and I'm not ready yet. But some time in 2011 it'll happen.

What's Carrara? Well, the easiest answer I can give is their promo video:

In the meantime -- from somewhat simple beginnings the art has become very very complex, and this blog hived of another "adults only" version a while ago.

Speaking of which --

You knooooow there's a "full monty" version of this fantasy shoot. The one where that loincloth he's almost wearing is transparent and blowing around in the wind. To see the adults only version of this shoot, get through the NUDITY WARNIN' one more time (I always have to give this caveat ... just don't ask me to to that trick with the rainbow colors too often), and then click here. And, enjoy!

Jade, 7 August
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