Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Male nude art in 3D: best posts ... must-see items...

LOL, this post has been viewed about 43,000 times, and has just been updated on June 17, 2019! Enjoy...

Massive apologies, guys! This post (or list) still isn't 100% up to date, but it's better than it used to be! Obviously, my best work is all recent. Any kind of art is all about a learning process, like all else in life, and the longer you do it, the better you get, so it stands to reason that the more recent the work, the better it's going to be, right? This blog will be turning 10 years old in about five months, and you can bet that there's been a colossal leap in the quality of my work from "go" to now!

So -- I still have a good-sized job to do in terms of indexing, but lately I've done some serious work on this page, and we're scratching the surface quite deeply by now. There's volumes of art on the blog, and what can I say? Browse around, enjoy stumbling over goodies. Happy browsing!

You could actually do worse than scroll down the page and check out the art in the margins. Most of those images are links to the actual posts; and I'm working on it. Again.  Meanwhile --

Most images on this page are live links; click to visit the original posts, where you can see the art at full-size. I'll be working on this index as time goes by, eventually bringing all the image-links alive.

(Also, in the older posts, I talk through how to do this artwork, using DAZ Studio 3, with different discussions on each post. Note that even now I still don't use Studio 4. Couldn't see the sense of the "mickey mouse interface" when it came out ... now, years later, I confess I'm drooling over the Genesis 8 figure, and also over the results to be had from the new IRay render engine. So I am going to be updating ... later in 2019, with any luck. Don't think I'll bother with the upgrade to Poser Pro 2015, which is (gulp) still about AUD$550, on top of huge computer rebuilds, and the necessity to invest in loads of skinmaps and costumes. So it looks like I'll be sticking with DAZ Studio, albeit the newest version, and going into IRay for better render quality.

For the moment, though, all I can do is squeeze the most out of the old software while I take care of other things that need the cash first, and then save up a ton of money to invest in this hobby. So --

Meanwhile -- enjoy these:

...and there's more scattered acoss the years of the blog -- enjoy hunting for them! Also, see this: The Glamour page at my Gallery. There's a lot of glamorous ladies there too, but some very tasty guys for your visual entertainment. (And yes, you're right: the gallery hasn't been updated in a long time, either. I'm working on it again -- about time. But it's such a vast job to update the old pages, it's almost easier to just start over. So there's also this: Just the Pictures. Another kind of gallery ... enjoy!

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