Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Male fantasy: pure seduction

Just a beauty shot today ... no reason, except that he's beautiful, and I don't have much time to blog, and this one was sitting on the harddrive just waiting for a border and a signature!

It's Michael 4 (duh), wearing Mon Chevalier hair set to golden blond. He's wearing the high rez skin map ... and that's about all he's wearing! I didn't even mess with the tattoo set ... and I left the hairy chest intact. Cuz I like that. [grin]

The magic of this shot is actually in the lights. I set two ... a teal colored distant light and a gold point light off his right shoulder. Otherwise, the pose is simple, and the hardest thing about the shot was turning the model around and around to get the angle just right so that the picture didn't have to have an R-rating slapped on it. [grin]

Like ... where's the party, man?!

Jade, 9 December
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